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Strength-based piano lessons that focus on the type of brain the student has, whether they are a *sight-reader, a composer, an arranger, or play by ear! Your child will get better MUCH quicker and have more fun and the lessons are in your home!

*Sight-reading is always taught no matter what the child’s strength is

What people are saying!

“My ten year old daughter… it turns out she has a gift for composing… and now she sits down and plays the most beautiful things!” – Emily (Mom)

“My teacher helps me find what i’m good at and to think outside of the box.” – Lucy age 11

“I like playing by ear more than reading the notes…in order to learn by ear, you learn chords and intervals.”  – Tommy Age 8


Find Your Child’s Talent!


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How it works!


We have teachers in your area that will come straight to your house!


We will find the right teacher for you, take payment for the first month, and have the teacher call before the first lesson.


You will have 30-minute lessons once per week IN YOUR HOME with 2 recitals per year.


Every teacher is trained in the “Volz method”


All teachers are classically trained, and always teach how to read music, regardless of which strength your child displays.


Each teacher is trained to identify and train your child in their strength, based on how your child’s brain works.


The result is that your child will learn faster, have more fun, and be more motivated to practice!



The Volz Method Difference


Normal piano lessons just teach how to read music.


But reading music is a very mathematical, inartistic process that is good for left-brained people.


But what of those who are more creative types? They might fare better learning music by ear, or perhaps composing their own music!


In addition to reading music weekly, the strength of the student is found and focused on, and they are more motivated and learn the piano quicker!


Is your child more right-brained or left-brained? How do they learn?


EVERY student is good at one of the following. 


Playing By Ear
Sight Reading

Here’s what are our clients saying…

“He definitely exceeded my expectation on what I thought a piano teacher should do with their student.” – Vanessa Rucker
“Since our kids started with Mike not only have they been progressing so much more quickly but they have enjoyed their lessons so much more!” – Emily Allen

These results are NORMAL! Let’s have your child be our next success story! Fill out the form below to get started today!